Traffic and Transportation

1、Bachelor’s Degree Programs——Traffic & Transportation

Aiming at fostering senior engineering and management professionals with a systematic mastery of operation and management in modern transportation, with comprehensive technological and managerial knowledge and capability, able to be engaged in the organization, management, planning and designing of traffic & transportation; production, operation and logistics management as well as modern logistics engineering for traffic & transportation enterprises, which was determined as the key undergraduate discipline of Hunan Province in 2005, passed the national engineering education accreditation in 2008 and approved as a national specialty construction point. In the last decade, it has been steadily ranked among the nationwide top three similar specialties.

Director of the Traffic & Transportation:    Yao Jialin   Associate Professor

2. Traffic & Transportation Planning and Management (doctoral and master’s specialty)

Major research area: management and operation in traffic & transportation, planning and designing in traffic & transportation system, planning and operation of urban rail transit, urban communications and road traffic safety.

3. Research Center

(1)Research Institute of Rail Transit Operation

Major Research Area: organization and operation of high-speed train, organization and management of urban and inter-city rail transport operation, optimization of rail transport organization, management information service for rail transport operation.

Director:  Deng Lianbo


(2) Research Institute of Integrated Transport Systems Engineering

Major Research Area: regional integrated transport planning, optimization of rail transit operation management, cargo transportation management techniques, intelligent decision-making in traffic and transportation, optimization techniques in logistics management.

Director:  Lei Dingyou


(3) Research Institute of Urban Transport

Major Research Area:  transport planning and management, traffic safety and urban public transport.

Director:  Huang Helai