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Dr. Congcong Fang,Associate Professor

High-speed Train Research Center, School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Central South University (CSU)

Office: High-speed Train Research Center, CSU Railway Campus

Email:ccfang@csu.edu.cn, fongtsung@hotmail.com

Address:High-speed Train Research Center, 22# Shaoshan South Road, Changsha, Hunan province.

Postal code: 410075

(Several graduate positions are open for application. The researchers will work on the tribology and dynamics related to railway field. Preference will be given to those with major in transport engineering, mechancial engineering and control. If interested, please contact Dr. Fang with your CV attached.)


◆ Sep. 2014-Sep. 2018: Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityMechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)

◆ Sep. 2011-Jun. 2014: Kunming University of Science and TechnologyMechanical Engineering (M.S.)

◆ Sep. 2007-Jun. 2011: Hunan Institute of Science and TechnologyMechanical Manufacture and Automation (B.S.)


◆Associate Professor
Dec. 2018-present: High-speed Train Research Center, School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Central South University
◆ Laboratory Director

Sep. 2014-Dec. 2016: SJTU-FAW Joint Research Lab, Institute of Modern Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Multibody Dynamics Modeling

Contact Mechanics & Tribology

Transducer Technology & Signal Processing

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2. C. Fang, X. Meng, X. Kong and et al. "Transient tribo-dynamics analysis and friction loss evaluation of piston during cold- and warm-start of a SI engine". International journal of Mechanical Science, 133, 2017, 767-787. (IF 3.570, JCR Q1)

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03/2018 Outstanding graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the year of 2018

10/2016 Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship of Shanghai Jiao Tong University for 2015-2016 academic year