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Zhong mu
He graduated from Southwest Jiao Tong University in 1992 and received a bachelors degree in engineering. In 1997, he graduated from Southwest Jiao Tong University and received a masters degree in engineering. The main courses included: mechanical fault diagnosis, urban rail vehicle, high-speed EMU technology, material engineering and welding process, vehicle dynamics analysis and so on. Is mainly engaged in research on strength and dynamics of the vehicle structure, take the KM80H type coal hopper car body strength analysis, KZ80H stone ballast hopper car body strength analysis, U80H type cement tank car body strength analysis, 160km/h rapid freight car bogie strength analysis, urban rail vehicle air cooled converter structure vibration analysis and optimization, 60t motor vehicle dynamics performance analysis of vehicle dynamics, narrow gauge load machine performance analysis, the wind environment of EMU, 1.5MW dynamics performance analysis of wind turbine drive chain dynamics analysis, linear motor, dynamic analysis of bridge traversing construction safety analysis, train pipe sealing connection performance test and analysis etc..