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Zheng Liang
Liang Zheng


Master/PhD:2008-2013; Tianjin University,China; Major: Systems engineering

Joint PhD: 2011-2012; University of Wisconsin-Madison,USA; Major: Traffic engineering

Bachelor: 2004-2008; Central South University,China; Major:Information & Computing Science

Work Experience:

2018.01-Now: Associate Prof.,School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering,Central South Univ.

2013.7-2017.12: Assitant Prof., School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering,Central South Univ.

Research Interests:

1. Macro- and Micro- traffic flow modeling and simulation

2. Big data-driven traffic prediction

3. Simulation-based traffic management & control optimization

Academic Achievements:

Journal Papers (*Corresponding Author):

[1] Liang Zheng, Shoufeng Ma, Ning Jia. The cellular automation model of traffic flow based on the driving behavior. Acta Phys Sin, 2010,59(7):4490-4498.

[2] Liang Zheng, Shoufeng Ma, Shiquan Zhong. Analysis of honk effect on the traffic flow in a cellular automaton model. Physica A, 2011,390(6):1072-1084.

[3] Zheng Liang, Ma Shou-Feng, and Zhong Shi-Quan. Influence of lane change on stability analysis for two-lane traffic flow. Chinese Physics B, 2011,20(8):088701.

[4] Liang Zheng, Shiquan Zhong, Peter J Jin, Shoufeng Ma. Influence of lateral discomfort on the stability of traffic flow based on visual angle car-following model. Physica A, 2012,391(23):5948-5959.

[5] Liang Zheng, Shiquan Zhong, Shoufeng Ma. Controlling traffic jams on a two-lane road using delayed-feedback signals. Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A, 2012,13(8):620-632.

[6] Liang Zheng, Shiquan Zhong, Shoufeng Ma. Towards the bi-directional cellular automaton model with perception ranges. Physica A, 2013,392(14):3028-3038.

[7] Liang Zheng. An improved monkey algorithm with dynamic adaption. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2013,222:645-657.

[8] Liang Zheng. Detailed string stability analysis for bi-directional optimal velocity model. Journal of Central South University, 2015,22,1563-1573.

[9] Liang Zheng, Zhengbing He. A new car following model from the perspective of visual imaging. International Journal of Modern Physics C, 2015,26(8):1550090.

[10] Liang Zheng, Peter J. Jin, Helai Huang. An Anisotropic Continuum Model Considering Bi-directional Information Impact. Transportation Research Part B, 2015,75:36-57.

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[14] Xiuying Xin, Ning Jia, Liang Zheng, Shoufeng Ma. Power-law in pedestrian crossing flow under the interference of vehicles at an un-signalized midblock crosswalk, Physica A, 2014, 406: 287-297.

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[16] Helai Huang, Duo Wang, Liang Zheng*, Xiaoqing Li. Evaluating time-reminder strategies before amber: Common signal, green flashing and green countdown. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2014,71:248-260.

[17] Ni Dong, Helai Huang, Liang Zheng. Support vector machine in crash prediction at the level of traffic analysis zones: Assessing the spatial proximity effects. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2015, 82: 192-198.

[18] Liang Zheng, Peter J.Jin, Helai Huang, Mingyun Gao, Bin Ran. A vehicle type-dependent visual imaging model for analyzing the heterogeneous car-following dynamics. Transportmetrica B, 2016,4(1):68-85.

[19] Zhengbing He, Liang Zheng*, Wei Guan, Baohua Mao. A self-regulation traffic-condition-based route guidance strategy with realistic considerations: overlapping routes, stochastic traffic and signalized intersections. Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2016,20(6),545-558.

[20] Ning Zhu, Shoufeng Ma, Liang Zheng*.Travel time estimation oriented freeway sensor placement problem considering sensor failure.Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2017,21(1),26-40.

[21] Liang Zheng, Bin Ran, Helai Huang. Safety evaluation for drivng behaviors under bi-directional looking context. Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems,2017,21(4):255-270.

[22] Zhengbing He, Liang Zheng*, Liying Song, Ning Zhu. A jam-absorption driving strategy for mitigating traffic oscillations. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2017,18(4),802-813.

[23] Zhengbing He, Liang Zheng*. Visualizing traffic dynamics based on floating car data. Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems. 2017,04017005.

[24] Zhengbing He, Liang Zheng*, Peng Chen, Wei Guan. Mapping to cells: a simple method to extract traffic dynamics from probe vehicle data. Computer-Aided Civil & Infrastructure Engineering, 2017,32,252-267.

[25] Liang Zheng, Zhengbing He, Tian He. A flexible traffic stream model and its three representation of traffic flow. Transportation Research Part C, 2017,75:136-167.

[26] Liang Zheng, Zhengbing He, Tian He. An anisotropic continuum model and its calibration with an improved monkey algorithm. Transportmetrica A, 2017,13(6):519-543.

[27] Liang Zheng, Chuang Zhu, Ning Zhu, Tian He, Ni Dong, Helai Huang. A feature selection based approach for urban short-term travel speed prediction. IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 2018, 10.1049/iet-its.2017.0059.

[28] Zhengbing He, Liang Zheng, Lili Lu, Wei Guan. Erasing Lane Changes from Roads: A Design of Future Road Intersections. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles, 2018, 10.1109/TIV.2018.2804164.

[29] Yaru Gu, Meng Li, Liang Zheng, Helai Huang.Backwash-spread effects of transportaion corridors on the development of city groups. ASCEs Journal of Urban Planning and Development, 2018 (Accepted).

Conference Papers:

[1] Liang Zheng, Shoufeng Ma, Jing Jin, Bin Ran, Shiquan Zhong. Incorporating Backward-looking Behavior into Cellular Automaton Model, Presented at Transportation Research Board 91st Annual Meeting, Washington D. C., 2012.

[2] Liang Zheng, Peter J. Jin, Yang Cheng, Shoufeng Ma, Bin Ran. A Heterogeneous Visual Imaging Model for Analyzing the Impact of Vehicle Type on Car-Following Dynamics, Presented at Transportation Research Board 92nd Annual Meeting, Washington D. C., 2013.

[3] Xia Wan, Peter J. Jin, Liang Zheng, Yang Cheng, Bin Ran. Empirical Analysis of the Speed Synchronization of Merge Vehicle from the Entrance Ramp, Presented at Transportation Research Board 92nd Annual Meeting, Washington D. C., 2013.

[4] Ni Dong, Ming Ma, Helai Huang, Yanjun Ma, Liang Zheng. Support Vector Machine in Crash Prediction at the level of Traffic Analysis Zones: Accessing the Spatial Proximity Effects, Presented at Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., 2015.

[5] Helai Huang, Meng Li, Liang Zheng*. Urban Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction under Missing Data. The 20th HKSTS International Conference.2015.

[6] Zhengbing He, Liang Zheng, Liying Song, Jam-absorption driving strategy for mitigating traffic oscillations,Presented at Transportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., 2016.

National invention patents:

[1] Liang Zheng, Shoufeng Ma, Ning Jia, Ning Zhu, Pengfei Wang. A state vector selection approach for non-parametric regression short-term traffic flow prediction, Patent No.ZL201010514111.6, Date of authorization: 2012-05-09.

[2] Ning Jia, Shoufeng Ma, Ning Zhu, Liang Zheng, Pengfei Wang. A short-term traffic flow prediction system, Patent No.ZL201010299197.5, Date of authorization: 2012-07-25.

[3] Ning Zhu, Shoufeng Ma, Ning Jia, Liang Zheng, Pengfei Wang. An eletronic map matching method in urban GIS, Patent No.ZL201010506525.4, Date of authorization: 2012-01-11.

Academic honors & part-time jobs:

Sublimation YuYing Plan in Central South University

Second prize of science & technology of Chinese highway society

Vice president, Association of young science and technology workers in STTE of CSU

Academic newcomer award for PhD candidate in Ministry of Education

National first prize for the 5th postgraduate mathematical modeling contest

Reviewer for international journal and conference:

《IEEE Transactions on ITS》

《Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems》

《Accident Analysis and Prevention》

《Transportmetrica B》

《Physical A》

《Journal of Advanced Transportation》

《IEEE Access》

《PLOS one》

《International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics》

Transportation Research Board:ADB10,ADB40.

Scientific research projects (Host):

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China - Youth Fund

2. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation - General Found

3. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation - Special Found

4. Key Project of Science & Technology Department of Hunan

Contact information:

Address: No.22 Shaoshan South Road, Changsha city, China. Zip code: 410075.