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Yang yue
Professor Yang Yue

PhD supervisor, Dean in Traffic Equipment and Control Engineering Department and Director in CAD/CAM Research Institute

School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering , Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, China

Office: TTB 211 (Railway Campus)
Phone: 0086-0731-82656453
Fax: 0086-0731-82655315

E-mail: yangyue@csu.edu.cn

Teaching Activities

1. Digital design technology

2. Manufacturing and repair technology

3. Digital control technology and equipment

4. CAD/CAM technology

5. Theory and technology of digital design

Research Interests

Research field 1: Digital design of traffic equipment and complex electro-mechanical products

(1) Digital prototype, virtual prototyping method and technology

of products;

(2) The secondary development of engineering-oriented CAD /

CAM software system;

(3) Engineering-oriented products optimization design and

reliability design.

Research field 2: Digital manufacturing and non-destructive testing of traffic equipment and complex electro-mechanical products

(1) Digital manufacturing of traffic equipment and its complex


(2) Quality control methods and technologies of product


(3) Ultrasonic non-destructive testing of internal defects of complex


Research field 3: Intelligent application and maintenance of rail transit equipment

(1) Intelligent maintenance strategy and information support system

for rail transit equipment;

(2) Intelligent detection method and technology based on machine


(3) Advanced maintenance methods and technologies supported by

digital technology.

Representative Research and Publication

1. Digital design and manufacturing of rail transit equipment and complex products

2. Intelligent maintenance and non-destructive testing of traffic equipment

3. Virtual reality design and maintenance of products

4.《CAM technology and application》

5.《CAD/CAM Principles and Practice》