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Peng jianhua
Peng Jianhua, male, master of engineering, senior experimenter

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, University of refrigeration and cryogenic technology

Master of communications and transportation engineering, Central South University

Main research directions:

1, refrigerated car and refrigerated transportation

2, energy saving technology of air conditioning and heat pump

Main research results:

1, the replacement scheme of R12 refrigerated vehicle in the Ministry of Railways

I put forward a plan for R22 instead of R12 for 2500 refrigerating units of the Ministry of railways. The theoretical calculation and test show that the comprehensive performance is better than the conventional R134a alternative. It was adopted by the Ministry of railways.

2. Household air conditioning and air energy water heater dual purpose machine

Contact information:

E-mail: pengjh@csu.edu.cn