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Liang xifeng
Liang Xifeng, Male, born in 1963, professor of Central South University, chief communication expert of China Association for Science and Technology, director of Key Laboratory of Traffic Safety on Track, Ministry of Education, leader of vehicle collision safety and protection technology research team of Track Traffic Safety Cooperative Innovation Center (Institutions of higher learning innovation ability enhancement), leader of the science of rail transportation safety and environment subject in Central South University, member of advanced rail transit key expert group of National Key Research and Development Program.

Liang have been presided more than 60 projects, such as “863”plan and key projects of National Natural Science Foundation. He has won one second prize of National Technical Inventions, wo second prize of State Science and Technology Awards, one special prize and four first prize of Provincial & Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award. He also won Head Train Medal and Mao Yisheng Railway Science and Technology Award. He is selected as the first level “121 ”talents of Hunan Province, the talent plan of the new century of the Ministry of Education, and enjoy the special government allowance of the State Council.

Liang teaches 4 undergraduate and postgraduate courses for now, including train aerodynamics, aerodynamics of experimental trains, higher fluid mechanics and computational fluid mechanics. He instructs 7 doctoral students and 6 master postgraduates, with 5 graduated Ph. D. and 37 masters.

Tel: 13627317291

E-mail: gszxlxf@163.com