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Li xiamiao
. Basic Information


Sex: Male

Birth Date: April, -,1963

Native Place: Chaling County, Hunan Province, China

Nationality: the Han nationality

Last Degree: Ph. D

Specialty: Traffic and Transportation Planning and Management

Graduated University: Beijing Jiaotong University

Work Organization: School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Central South University

Contact Address: No.22 Shaoshan South Road, Changsha, 410075 ,Hunan, China

Email: xmli@csu.edu.cn

Tel: 13787018526(mob)

B. Education History

1999.9—2003.11 Beijing Jiaotong University

Candidate for Doctor degree in Traffic and Transportation Planning and Management.

1986.9--1989.06 Changsha Railway University

Candidate for Master degree in Transportation Management Engineering.

1979.9--1983.07 Changsha Railway University

Candidate for Bachelor degree in Railway Transportation Management .

C. Experience


Working in School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Central South University, doing research and teaching.


Working in Department of Economy and Management, Changsha Railway University, doing research and teaching, acting as an associate professor and the assistant dean.

D. Main Research Field

Main Research Field: Transportation System Analysis, Raiway Transport Management Engineering

Characteristics of the Research Field: Extracting the new science theory of system science and system engineering, computer applying technology, applying economics and modern management, the applying theory and technology of modern transportation and logistic management are researched, combined with the development of transportation and logistic industry. Planning as a whole, increasing capacity of traffic networks and transportation efficiency, advancing the management level of traffic and transport and developing integrated transportation are the aims of the researching field.

Researching Contents: Railway transport system analysis and optimization,Transportation demand forrecast, Transportation program evaluation,Urban traffic system analysis

E. Last Main Published Theses

(If you are interesting my published theses,you may get in internet)