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Lei dingyou
Prof. Dingyou Lei, born in Liuyang City, Hunan province, the professor of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Master and Ph.D. supervisor, the director of Traffic and Transportation System Engineering Institute. Since gaining the Master’s Degree in 1993, he has been engaged in teaching and scientific research in the field of traffic and transportation planning and management. Until now, he has hosted more than 40 research projects, including the National Natural Science Fund of China, Ministry of Railway and Department of Transportation of Yunnan province, and published more than 60 academic papers and most of them have been indexed by SCI / SSCI / EI / ISTP. Also, he published two academic monographs and one textbook as the Editor. As an academic leader of cargo transportation safety and management discipline, he has been engaged in the research of freight transportation safety. In the field of railway out-of-gauge and overweight freights transportation, he has presided over a series of projects of the National Natural Science Fund of China and the Ministry of Railway. He has put forward calculation formulas the deviation of heavy-duty wagon with guide multi-level bogie, depicted convexity features of railway construction clearance, and designed methods for calculating section gauge based on objects. By the support of National Natural Science Fund of China in this field, he developed railway clearance and out-of-gauge and overweight freights transport decision support system, which has been widely applied in 18 railway bureaus in China. In the aspect of cargo loading layout theory and application, he described constraint factors and multiple complexity features of loading, and put forward central skeleton, granularity transformation, horizontal and vertical transformation, techniques and strategies of group and isomorphism identification. Also, he analyzed three-dimensional cargo loading process overland and its micro gap formation mechanism, designed layer space balancing technologies and non-loaded accessories virtual goods loose stuffing technology based on the principle of after loading and first unloading, and put forward cargo loading layout principles and methods with constraint property and without constraint property. In the application field, he led his team to carry out lots of tasks for cargos loading and enforcements. For example, he participated in loading reinforcement scheme design and transportation route decision making research work for “Shen ZhouⅠ”, and hosted large-scale equipment loading program design work of national defense and national economy construction, i.e., SW2105 prototype, TJ165 erection and etc.

Research Interests:

1. Cargo transportation techniques

2. Transportation intelligence decision theory and method

3. Transportation planning and operation management optimization

Academic Positions:

1. Director of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies

2. Executive director of China Transportation and Logistics Association

3. Railway Transportation Safety Expert

Contact Information:

Office: Room 309, Traffic building, Railway Campus, Central South University.

Tel: 0731-82655931

E-mail: ding@csu.edu.cn