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Gao guangjun
Personal Date NameGuangjun Gao




AddressSchool of transportation engineering, CSU.



Political StatusParty Member

GraduationCentral South University


Education Background 2001/9–2008/5 Central South University Vehicle Engineering Doctor

1998/9–2001/7 Central South University Vehicle Engineering Mater

1992/9–1996/7 Central South University Vehicle Engineering Bachelor

Work Experience 1996/7–2001/6 Central South University School of transportation engineering Assistant

2001/7–2006/6 Central South University School of transportation engineering Lecturer

2006/7–2011/8 Central South University School of transportation engineering Associate professor

2009/12–2010/11 University of Birmingham Cemtre of Railway Research Visiting scholar

2011/9–— Central South University School of transportation engineering Professor

Professional Affiliations 1Member of the department of energy and transportation of Science&Technology Commission of Ministry of Education

2Member of Expert Committee of the State Railway Administration

3Member of the professional committee on air dynamics engineering and industrial aerodynamics of China Aeromechanics Society

4Member of the Editorial Committee of the transportation and transportation discipline of "10000 scientific problems"

5Editorial board member of Journal of Central south University

Scientific Project 1National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key Program)Research on Collision Theory and Crashworthiness of High - speed Trains between Vehicles2014/01-2017/12¥2,800,000StudyingHost

2Special Mission of Rail Transit in the Ministry of Science and TechnologyStudy on Energy Dissipation Allocation and Synergy of Vehicle Structure and Control Technology of Collision Instability between Vehicles2016/01-2019/12¥2,660,000StudyingHost

3Special Mission of Rail Transit in the Ministry of Science and TechnologyStudy on Snow Accumulation Mechanism and Disaster of High Speed Train Bogie and Ice Disaster Prevention and Control Technology And Ice Melting Technology for Bogie Area Based on Active Flow Control Technology2016/01-2019/12¥1,520,000StudyingHost

4National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaStudy on the Mechanism of Vehicle Rollover in Complex Wind Environment2011/01-2013/12, ¥400,000FinishedHost

5Excellent Youth Foundation of Hu’nan Scientific CommitteeThe Fatigue Failure Mechanism of Vehicle Structure under Transient Alternating Aerodynamic Loads and System Vibrations2014/01-2017/12¥200,000FinishedHost

6The New Century Talent Project of the Ministry of EducationNCET-10-08332011/01-2013/12FinishedHost

7Key Project of China RailwayStudy on Collision Technology and Standard of Locomotive and Rolling Stock2016/05-2018/06¥500,000StudyingHost

8CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., LtdStudy on Deepening Snow Cover of Bogies in Alpine Multiple Units2016/05-2017/12¥2,080,000StudyingHost

9China Railway Fiest Survey & Design Institute Group Co.,Ltd.Study on Numerical Calculation and Aerodynamic Characteristics of Windbreak Engineering on High Speed Railway Subgrade2015/06-2016/06¥200,000FinishedHost

10Innovation Driven Project of Central South UniversityKey Technologies of Aerodynamics of Multinational High Speed Railways of“the Belt and Road Initiatives”2015/05-2016/12, ¥3,400,000FinishedHost

11The Strategic Forerunner of Science and Engineering of Central South UniversityAdaptive Deformable Safety Train2017/01-2017/12¥3,000,000StudyingHost

Representative Thesis More than 70 papers have been published in high level journals in China or abroad, including over 50 SCI/EI. Representative papers are as follows:

1Gao Guangjun, Dong Haipeng, Tian Hongqi. Collision performance of square tubes with diaphragms [J]. Thin-Walled Structures, 2014, 80: 167-177. IF=2.829

2Gao Guangjun, Guan Weiyuan, Li Jian, Dong Haipeng. Experimental investigation of an active–passive integration energy absorber for railway vehicles[J], Thin-Walled Structures,2017.117,89-97. IF=2.829

3Yu Yao, Gao Guangjun, Dong Haipeng. A numerical study on the energy absorption of a bending-straightening energy absorber with large stroke[J]. Thin-Walled Structures, 2018, 122: 30-41. IF=2.829

4Li Jian, Gao Guangjun*, Dong Haipeng, Xie Suchao, GuanWeiyuan. Study on the energy absorption of the expanding–splitting circular tube by experimental investigations and numerical simulations [J]. Thin-Walled Structures, 2016, 103: 105-114. IF=2.829

5Chen Xiaoxue, Gao Guangjun*, Dong Haipeng. Experimental and numerical investigations of the splitting-bending steel plate energy absorber [J]. Thin-Walled Structures, 2016, 98: 384-391. IF=2.829

6Hai-peng Dong, Guang-jun Gao*, Xiao-xue Chen. Crushing analysis of splitting–bending steel plate energy absorber under axial loading [J]. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 2016, 110: 217-228. IF=2.884

7Jie Zhang, Jingjuan Li, Hongqi Tian, Guangjun Gao*, John Sheridan. Impact of ground and wheel boundary conditions on numerical simulation of the high-speed train aerodynamic performance[J]. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 2016, 61: 249-261. IF=2.021

Invention Patent Obtaining 3 international PCT patents, 5 international patents and 18 national invention patents.Some patents are as follows:

1Guangjun Gaoʽײװ USA 15520391 2016.10.15

2Guangjun Gaoתܷѹװüת EU 16852875.0 2017.04.12

3Guangjun Gaoгתѩװ Russia 2017117514 2017.05.24

4Guangjun GaoA test method for loading alternating aerodynamic loads on the exterior of high speed train body China 201010517070 2012.07.04

5Guangjun GaoA Kind of Impact Energy Absorption Device of Baffle Pin Type Serial Porous Solid Elements China 201210174509.9 2014.04.02

6Guangjun GaoA Anti-climbing Device of Train China 201510666762X 2017.09.05

7Guangjun Gaoʽײװ China 201510666711.3 2017.10.09

Academic Achievement 1In the aspect of the basic and applied research of train collision safety protection technology, the pneumatic launch control technology which testing vehicle-speed-pressure-temperature-humidity coupled with each other and short-distance adaptive variable hydraulic friction termination technology of driving car is researched, the single real vehicle - rigid wall collision test system in China is developed. The train master passive cutting energy absorbing element and the main passive squeeze energy absorbing element is invented. The anti-climb and anti-deflection method is proposed to be able to realize the functions of anti-climbing up and down, left and right anti-deflection and compatible with old and new, solving the problem that the whole anti-climb and anti-deviation of the train during the collision and the vehicle are still running on the track after the collision.

In the aspect of train aerodynamics, the method of calculating the quasi-static overturning stability of trains under the cross wind is established, and the "Railway Technical Management Regulation" for the high-speed train under high winds is made, which is applied to Lanxin and Qinghai-Tibet lines. A structure of ventilated wind wall is invented, which can make the wind speed field inside the line even and produce less force to the support of the wind wall. The wind speed relationship of point line mapping is confirmed, and the reasonable installation position of the wind speed sensor in the line section is determined.

3In the aspect of the research of anti-snowfall of bogies of high-speed and high-cold train, the method of diversion at the bogie area is proposed to reduce the snow drifting of the bogie by 50%. The diversion / dredging diversion method, extension aerodynamics Theory, invented the anti-snow icing bogie, proposed snow-bogie two-phase bogie snow accumulation method, PCT international search shows that the method is novel, creative and industrial practicality.