Disciplinary Foundation

First grade discipline of National Leading Academic Disciplines: Traffic & Transportation Engineering

First grade discipline with a post-doctoral research station: Traffic & Transportation Engineering

First grade discipline with a doctor (master's) degree authorization: Traffic & transportation engineering

Secondary grade discipline with a doctor (master's) degree authorization: Traffic & Transportation Planning and Management; Transport Vehicle Application Engineering; Transportation Safety & Environment Engineering; Logistics Engineering; Transportation Equipment and Information Engineering and Urban Rail Transport Engineering.

School Mission

The school is endeavoring to fulfill her mission of “Maintaining Human-Centered philosophy, Pursuing Academic Excellency and Highlighting Disciplinary Uniqueness”, going all out in the exploration of inventive modes for cultivation of competent professionals in the line of traffic and transportation engineering; constructing nationwide first-class discipline and advanced undergraduate specialties in traffic & transportation engineering guided by the  social demand for the development of rail transit and cultivating outstanding and innovative talents with solid academic foundation, wide-range of knowledge and practical aptitudes in the field of traffic and transportation engineering by orienting our students to their all-round development.


Faculty Strength

The school has a strong array of faculty, aggressively-aspiring, well-structured and academically learned, with 104 teaching staff, 76 full-time lecturers, among whom there are 18 professors, 36 associate professors, 18 doctoral supervisors, 16 visiting professors; one expert of “Thousand Foreign Experts Plan”, one “Yangtze River Scholars Program” special professor, one expert of  “High-Level Foreign Experts” and five outstanding talents of “The Ministry of Education Program for New Century Excellent Talents” In addition, the school leads one Yangtse River scholars and innovation team of the ministry of education "Key Technology in Rail Transit Safety", one teaching team of Hunan province" Rail Transit Innovation Training” and one “Advanced Group of Professionals Nationwide”. 

   Graduate education and school site Settings

      1. Traffic & Transportation Planning and Management (doctoral and master’s specialty)

Major research area: management and operation in traffic & transportation, planning and designing in traffic & transportation system, planning and operation of urban rail transit, urban communications and road traffic safety

2. Logistics Engineering:

Major research area: logistic economy, management of supply chain, optimization of logistics system, planning and management of logistics, logistics technology.


3. Vehicle Application Engineering:

Major research area: the train derailment theory and prevention technology, railroad construction, maintenance, equipment and techniques, modern design methodology and manufacture of traffic devices, train aerodynamics, train collision theory, and multi-body coupling impact dynamics.


4. Traffic Devices and Information Engineering:

Major research area: Intellectualized Detection & Control for Traffic Devices, Rail Transit Safety and Reliability Engineering, Noise Control in Rail Transit and Theory and Techniques in CNC machining of complex surfaces.